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New Homes

Here at New Way Plumbing & Gas we specialise on the plumbing & gas of new homes and love to work along side builders, supervisors and owner builders on giving them exactly what they want with as little stress as possible.

As a company that specialises in this field of work we are very competitive on our pricing and our workmanship is second to none as the system we use is time proven again and again in the business of today’s day and age.

The materials we use here at New way Plumbing & Gas are quality assured as being liable for 7 years of our workmanship on new builds we need to use the best products available this is another thing that sets us apart form our competitors.

If you are a builder or owner builder and would like to use us for your next building project please contact us for a free quotation and see why most builders are choosing New Way Plumbing & Gas to do there plumbing & gas on there new home projects.